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SVT provides comprehensive sales training for your sales teams to become immediately productive in selling cyber security products to existing and new clients.

We provide volume pricing on all products and training sessions.

Cyber Data Sheet


DDoS Fully Managed Cloud Service

  • What is a DDoS attack?
  • Why are DDoS attacks launched?
  • How can a DDoS attack be blocked?
  • What is a zero-day DDoS attack?
  • Who are the economic and technical decision makers for a DDoS deployment?
  • Who manages the service and the interaction with the client while under attack?

Your sales staff will learn the concepts of how DDoS attacks are created and for what purpose.

The blocking of a DDoS attack is complicated based on the volume of the attack, the immediacy of response required, and the rapidly changing attack vectors. The training will discuss automated detection of DDoS attacks and mitigation techniques.  Zero-Day DDos attack mitigation and the time to mitigate a Zero-Day attack will be discussed.

WAF Fully Managed Cloud Service

  • What is the purpose of a Web Application Firewall
  • What industry segments most need a WAF?
  • Web application technology overview
  • Application mapping vs static signatures
  • Automated application mapping for creating blocking signatures

This session focuses on how web applications are designed and the user interactions with web applications. We discuss how an attacker, who acts like a human, is detected. We discuss blocking strategies and time to block a WAF attack. We compare automated application mapping to signature creation to rapidly block attacks.

Your sales staff will learn the concepts of how web applications are built and how they are exploited by attackers.

BOT Protection Fully Managed Service

  • What is a BOT?
  • Detecting BOT vs Human traffic
  • Price scanning Bots
  • Inventory stuffing BOTS
  • Bidding BOTs

This session overviews legal BOTs and Illegal BOTs. We will discuss specific illegal usage of BOTs and the harm that can be created on a client’s site. The cost of BOT attacks on corporate infrastructure will be discussed. We will focus on the intent of the BOT and determining if it is malicious and the process to mitigate the attack.

Your sales staff will learn what is the purpose of a BOT and how an attack in progress is detected.