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These are the partners that we work with to make your company safe, grow and thrive in an ever changing technological landscape.

If you would like to learn more please click a link and review what each element does working together to enhance and secure your online data.

Your business is our business. At Silicon Valley Technology we integrate Bare Metal Cloud technology utilizing the latest network operating systems, object storage and a complete range of Bare Metal Server options.

Bare Metal Cloud provides cost effective ultra-high CPU processing at an affordable cost.

Bare Metal Cloud

Cost effective, high performance Bare Metal architecture.

Integrated Netris network operating system including VPC, ELB, routing, NAT, DHCP, VPN, IPAM.

Build your private cloud on bare metal servers and provide services or edge computing, low latency trading, streaming, gaming, collaboration, and file haring.

Expand your client base to include financial trading, credit card processing, insurance and healthcare.

Increase your profit margins by offering services that are in high demand for modernizing both public and private cloud infrastructure.

Bare Metal Data Sheet

Netris.io provides the network operating system for the BMC. Gateway services include are VPC, ELB, Firewall, edge routing, DHCP, NAT, and IPAM.

Value-added cloud-like Network Services for bare metal providers. Netris operating system for BMC provides modern routing, NAT, Elastic Load Balancer, Firewall, DHCP, VPC and IPAM services.

Minio is a high performance, S3 compatible object store. It is built for large scale AI/ML, data lake and data base workloads. It runs on-prem and on any cloud (public or private) and from the data center to the edge.

PhoenixNapBare Metal Servers

With Bare Metal Cloud, you can deploy and manage high-performance physical servers with cloud-like ease and simplicity. Bare Metal Cloud is an API-driven platform that enables you to deploy and manage physical servers as code.

phoenixNAP’s global network backbone provides you with capacity to deliver excellent customer experiences worldwide. Located in major metro areas of the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific

phoenixNAP provides you with high-bandwidth connectivity, enterprise grade security, and exceptional performance. Global colocation facilities, five in the US, two in Europe and 1 in Asia.

Equinix Metal
Equinix Metal® delivers global, secure, interconnected, integrated and on-demand infrastructure where and when it’s needed. As part of Platform Equinix®, digital businesses can deploy new services faster with hybrid public and private cloud infrastructure. Most importantly, Equinix Metal is ready to deploy in minutes. Now available in 24+ global locations.

Equinix Internet Exchange
World’s largest internet exchange. Available globally across 35 markets. Reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything.

Equinix Colocation
Equinix has 85 datacenters across the Americas. Equinix has 220+ International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in 63 major metros worldwide.

Cyber Security

Dramatically increase your profit margins by offering cyber security services that are in high demand.

Expand your client base by focusing on security conscious verticals including trading exchanges, credit card processing, insurance, healthcare, streaming, gaming, and gambling.

We provide fully managed cloud-based security services with 24 x 7 support. Sales training is provided to quickly help you reach new clients and accelerate new revenues.

ISPs and Data Center operators can dramatically create more profitable business models, attract new clients, and grow ARR revenues by providing managed cyber security services.

The security market is rapidly growing and is expected to reach $80 billion in US spending in 2023.

Cyber security products provide new avenues into high growth markets and generate repeatable ARR revenue.

Cyber security solutions expand your reach to acquire new clients as your lead product offering.

Each of our automated Cyber product portfolio products is fully managed and supported 24 x 7. Our professional services staff detect and mitigate the attacks on your clients’ environments.

For compliance requirements, our MazeBolt offering will detect open vulnerabilities across your applications. The vulnerabilities can then be closed and remediated providing a secure environment for production DDoS testing.


DDoS Vulnerability Testing

Mazebolt detects application DDoS vulnerabilities utilizing non-intrusive testing technology. DDoS services have no awareness of any changes to the environments they are protecting. This leaves many vulnerabilities hidden and unknown which can be exploited.

Mazebolt runs thousands of DDoS simulations against production services, to remediate open vulnerabilities, before they can be attacked.

Cyber Security Services

Fully managed 24 x7 service providing Data Center hosted applications protection from volumetric DDoS attacks. Automatically identifies and blocks all attacks, including zero-day attacks, in less than 12 seconds. The only security solution that protects against volumetric RPS attacks.

Web Application Firewall
Keep your clients’ applications secure in your data center and in the cloud. Blocking signatures are learned automatically based on monitoring normal use of the application. Any traffic that does not fit normal use of the application is blocked.

Intelligent 4 th and 5 th generation BOTs are extremely difficult to detect. Our powerful algorithms analyze BOT specific behavior to determine if the user is human or a BOT. BOT controlled attacks are then blocked freeing up server resources to restore services.

API Security
Radware API maps the API attack surface by leveraging an automated discovery algorithm to discover API’s and generate tailored security policies to detect and block API focused attacks in real time. It also uses a combination of access controls, data leakage prevention, BOT management and DoS mitigation to protect against the growing array of API security threats.